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ACMER R10 Laser Engraving Enclosure Box: My Take...


This is a “review” of the ACMER R10 Laser Engraving Enclosure Box, uncompensated and purchased myself. My desire here is to provide hopefully, helpful feedback and information for users to consider. It's a decent value for its price range. Its design in its current state pretty much makes it airtight because of its zippered bottom and I didn't have any trouble with it being able to evacuate the smoke. The vent hose extends out to 8 ft, I didn't need to go that far so I didn't test that. The window material is the same color as any of the other...

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3DN Acmer P2 Center Finder Jig


I've experimented and explored a few of the different ways to align project cuts on material, had a little bit of extra time and just came up with a quick way to facilitate doing so. A little bit of thought went into it, and more time into making the video and writing up the instructions and description then actually into designing, cutting, and assembly. Use it if you wish, or not. You can download the project files HERE Making The Finder: Use 3 mm ply or acrylic. You may have to set the kerf in your laser software if you want...

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3D Nexus: We're Back!

New 3DN

It's been a little bit of a break since I parted ways with the Artillery 3D company, And I'm not going to spend any time going back over the events that led up to that departure. 3D Nexus in vision, was my desire to create an environment that reflected my interests and my desire to share my experiences on what I call, artistic  exploration. I've been on what one can consider a social media and community hiatus, but most definitely have not stopped working on, revisiting old, and creating new adventures. I still remain near cutting edge in research with regards...

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ACMER P2 Laser Engraver


I'm currently in process of working with and getting to know the P2 a bit better, and running it through various projects and tests. I really can't justify doing a full review until after I have a good number of hours under the belt with it but I will point out a few of these observations so far. unpackaging and the few minutes of minor assembly went very fast and without any issues. It was packaged very well, and the instructions although basic are pretty straightforward and nicely, right to the point. I was up and running with it in about...

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