Letterhead Artist Showcase 11e
We want to highlight some of our favorite 3D model artists and companies out there. This section is going to be growing, its one of the more elaborate bits on the back end so expect more over time. Just added a few as of 06/04/2020, check back soon for more.
Be prepared to be blown away!
Back in the late 70's and 80's most of us in the gaming/miniature crowd only dreamt of what we have the honor of being able to access now. For me, as a sculptor and designer in other various fields all these years I'm still awe struck at the diversity and work other artists come up with. I hope you appreciate (and support) these and other's out there. Its only going to get better, and definitely more crazy. (laughs)
June 03, 2020

Titan Forge Miniatures

Titan Forge has been around for awhile. Their selection is outright mind blowing. I'm going…
June 04, 2020

Megs Empinado

Megs is the definition of detail. You can easily get lost in browsing the work…
June 04, 2020

Raging Heroes

I just started following this one too. More thoughts on this soon. "We are based…
June 04, 2020

Asgard Rising

I just started following this one. I have a soft spot for viking inspired work…
June 04, 2020

Duncan Shadow Louca

Duncan has been around for quite some time, and back in the early days of…
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