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Finally the video on WHEN to use Heavy, Medium and Light supports when resin 3d printing minis!

So many people have asked for this and I kept meaning to make it...and now I have :) Model shown from Artisan Guild Patreon

A new support tip! For Chitubox or Lychee - I call this one "Good things come in 3's"

Or maybe "3, it's the magic number" as De La Soul told us... Support the store!

Support "edges" properly to get the best prints and least damage - fix bad Patreon pre-supports!

Alternate title - "Up your edge game bruh!" Sometimes less is more, but sometimes, more is better! Start off the New Year with a support tip to help you get better prints. Use this to improve pre-supported files you get from your Patreons for better prints!

Another support tip to minimize damage in Chitubox or Lychee or Prusa - Go With The Flow!

this one will get you even more pristine models, and there's actually 2 variations of the same tip included :)

Making very light supports for resin 3d printing work better and fail less!

Something I've been doing for a while and finally found the time to make a video about! This will help your light supports print better and more reliably! Hot new channel intro by Christopher Dick, seriously, hire this guy...great work and very good dude,

Supporting a model that's already on a base! I hate it, but people asked for it, so let's go!

See how I support a model that comes with a base. Model is from

Chitubox Resin Support Tricks Episode 3 - Resin Saving Supports

Please leave any tutorial request in the comments, I need video ideas.

How I add supports for SLA Resin printing. Use my settings in Chitubox, Lychee and other slicers.

This video is about how I add supports to models for printing your models with an SLA printer. I have included the settings I use and the philosophy I follow. Use the Rook Profile for your printer for best results! You can use the settings I have shown to configure your slicer to get as close a possible. Let me know in the comments below if this works for you! Rook Profile here The resin I use Don't forget to like and Subscribe! Items I use for SLA Printing. Please consider using my links as it really helps out the channel. I get a small commission when you purchase and its at no cost to you! Get an Elegoo Mars 4 Pack Plastic Resin Tanks UV Flashlight 405nm Get Elegoo Resin Get and EPAX X1 Get an Anycubic Photon Get a 50 pack of Paint Filters Get a 100 pack of Nitrile Gloves Isopropyl Alcohol Air tight container with strainer Plastic Tray Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless Raspberry Pi Zero Camera Raspberry Pi Zero Camera Cable 30cm 20mm Magnets Heat High Temperature Resistant Adhesive Gold Tape UV Flashlight 405nm

Chitubox Resin Support Tricks - Episode 6 - Thinking About Weight


Making a support "Pillar" to save on resin and make support removal easier!

Learn 2 ways to make one..and when you shouldn't use it...

One last lesson on placing supports on your minis for 3d printing - top secret technique!

One of the last, ultimate support placement tips I can provide, this is the equivalent of learning a kung fu strike that kills your opponent a day later! Mini from Lion Tower Miniatures

Why you need to support EVERY island when 3d printing in resin!

Look at a practical example and learn why it's absolutely imperative you support your model properly! Save your printer and FEP from serious damage! Here's the Patreon I am using the model from: The resin I use:

Super advanced support techniques in Chitubox: I can support my supports?!? WTF??

A quick video to show you some of the more advanced techniques that I use to get perfect 3d printed models. I use these techniques in my other videos but I figured a really quick look at them might help people. Please watch my other videos to see these techniques in action!

How to repair/perfect resin prints from support damage!!! Quick and easy and perfect!

I show you how to repair those nasty support marks when you have to place a support in spot that will show, and you're a perfectionist and don't want a hole! Model from Artisan guild Patreon

Removing Supports from Resin 3D Prints

Get the 3D printable model in the video along with many others here My Equipment:

Chitubox Custom Support Along Tutorial - Episode 1


Part 1: Intro to Chitubox and supporting minis like a pro, the first in a line of videos to come!

Intro to Chitubox for supporting your minis and getting perfect looking models! Many more videos will come, each increasing your knowledge up to very advanced techniques.

3D Printing Mini Resin Print Auto Support Workflow Prusaslicer to Chitubox

When I first wanted to try using Prusaslicer as an alternative for adding supports to my mini stls for resin printing I searched for detailed information but only found scattered information. A lot of people think manually adding supports, which is time-consuming, is the only way. I have always felt the opposite...that auto supports did a better job of identifying where supports are needed. In this video, I take you through my workflow and my settings for using auto supports in Prusaslicer and slicing in Chitubox (and optionally using Photon Validator to check the file for errors). These are the settings I have used to successfully print countless minis on my resin printers. Software Used: Prusaslicer: Chitubox: Photo Validator Version 2.1 : Titan-Forge Patreon (I used the Dark Mage from April 2020 Spell Blades): My Machines and Supplies (Amazon Affiliate Links): Elego Mars: Elegoo Standard Resin: Anycubic Wash & Cure: Silicone Mat: Mug Warmer: Helping Hands: Find Me on Instagram: Background Photo Credits: Castle Photo by Cederic X on Unsplash Lamp Photo by Marko Blažević on Unsplash Tree Path Intro Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

Best Support Settings for Resin(SLA/DLP/LCD) 3D Printing[Part 1] in CHITUBOX

Usually, it is impossible to avoid using 3D printing support structures for overhangings and bridges as it might affect the quality of your print. When selecting the suitable support settings, your print have achieved half of success. But do you know what’s the best support settings for resin 3D printing? In part 1, we'll show the support settings for raft, Z lift height and top. And in part 2, let's continue the following settings about the middle and bottom. Checkout Chitubox ➜ Find us on Facebook ➜ ________________________________________________ The model in this video is from Music by Rafael Krux Thanks for watching!

Photonsters Validator - Use case with organics

Printing a Coral, autosupports in chitu work for most of the part, but there are always some islands specially in organic models

Tips & Tricks - Removing Supports

In today's episode, we'll be covering how to remove support structure and sanding scratches effectively. SUBSCRIBE to SprintRay so you don't miss an episode ► MATERIALS: - A set of flush cuts - A set of small files - 400 -1000 grit sandpaper - 1 Stick of chapstick - Model printed on a MoonRay 3D printer STEPS: 1.) Manually remove easily accessible supports. 2.) Use the flush cuts to separate the rest of the supports from the model. 3.) Remove the trickier supports with the flush cuts. 4.) Sand down the nubs from the supports. 5.) Use the high grit sand paper to refine the sanded areas. 6.) Mask the sanding scratches with chapstick. ___ Subscribe to SprintRay: LIKE us on Facebook: FOLLOW us on Instagram: More information available at

I've updated my insane support settings for Chitubox!!! A quick video walkthru of my new settings!

A short video where I go over the settings and also explain where I make changes to those settings on the fly. My Patreon please support!

How to position and support your 3d printed resin models in Chitubox.

In this episode, I explore the best way to position and support your resin models in the popular software Chitubox. Learn the Chitubox support settings (link below) that work! ChituBox Supports - Download Settings Below. Link to Orc Duncan Louca - Monocure 3D Ambassador - Download more of his models for FREE. TIMESTAMP 0:25 - Introduction to ChituBox 0:47 - Importing a model 1:50 - Rotating the model 2:41 - Scaling the model 4:32 - The best settings 6:53 - Using the slider to find Islands 7:58 - Adding Auto Platform only supports 8:47 - Adding Auto ALL supports 9:27 - Removing supports 10:36 - Changing views 12:12 - Don't slice your model in ChituBox 14:33 - Good Tip! Viewing from Underneath the build plate 15:21 - How did it print? Welcome to ProTips, Monocure 3D's new channel and set! Well, it's about time I know...This channel is your channel. I'm here to help, educate and hopefully entertain you a little bit along the way! My plan is to create informative content around 3d printing that we can learn from and I will try to answer all your questions. (Well most of them anyway! ) Please get involved by connecting with us on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Discord or by old school email. We love your questions, and we need your input! So don't be shy, send us a message and be part of this awesome, rapidly expanding 3D printing revolution! Our team always do their best to give you excellent service and the highest quality products. Our Chemists are busy working hard in the labs coming up with the next great product that's going to help your 3D printing results. Presented by Charlie Anderson Proudly Brought to you by Monocure3D Produced & Edited by Punch.Life Our RAPID product range is designed for low powered LED/LCD DLP type 3D printers. Rapid Resin Compatible Printers Phrozen Shuffle & XL Anycubic Photon & S Prusa SL1 Wanhao Duplicator 7 & 8 MicroMake WOW SparkMaker Pro FLSUN S XAYAV Model V Lotus EZ Kelant Orbeat100 + S400 Epax Elegoo Mars Longer Orange Any low powered LED/LCD 3D Printer Our Standard product range is designed for high powered LED projector type 3D printers. Standard Resin Compatible Printers Uniz Slash MoonRay Asiga UV-Max Phrozen Make B9 Creator Flashforge Hunter XYZ Nobel Kudo Titan Any high powered, bottom-up​, LED projector 3D Printer.

Are these the BEST Resin Support Settings? 3DPrintingPro's Insane Resin Supports

Putting 3DPrintingPro's Insane Resin Supports to the test. Are these really the best Resin Support Settings for Chitubox? Let's find out! Subscribe to 3DPrintingPro & checkout his support settings ➜ Diablo Leorc File by Fotis Mint ➜ Thanks again to VFXForge on his initial support settings that I started with ________________________________________________ My PATREON ➜ Buy Me a Coffee ➜ ________________________________________________ Interested in resin 3D Printers? Phrozen Sonic Mini ➜ Peopoly Phenom ➜ Epax X10 ➜ Elegoo Mars ➜ Anycubic Photon ➜ ________________________________________________ Some Additional Items you will want to consider for Resin 3D Printing ➜ Full List - Disposable Gloves - Plastic Spatula - Metal Spatula - Isopropyl (IPA) - Pickle Container - Funnel - Paint Filters - _______________________________________________ Gear I'm Using ➜ ________________________________________________ Twitter ➜ Instagram ➜ Facebook ➜ YouTube ➜ ________________________________________________ SEND STUFF TO ➜ Uncle Jessy PO BOX 629 25 Goodburlet RD Henrietta, NY 14467 #3DPrinting #UncleJessy #ChituboxSupports

How to support dangling fingers, hands and feet for resin 3d printing! Up your support game! :)

Quick tip but a valuable one! Stop cursing the artists for doing this! Learn the secret behind perfectly supporting these difficult parts! Patreon: My printers: Phrozen Sonic mini Epax X1 Anycubic Photon Lotmaxx CH-10: Longer Orange 30 For terrain I use: Ender 3 Lotmaxx SC-10 My go to resins: Epax Water Washable Elegoo ABS like resin Siraya Tenacious resin Esun Water Washable Elegoo Gray Siraya Fast Siraya Tenacious Siraya Blu My FDM Filament Choice Esun PLA+

Perfect Prints on ANY Resin Printer! UPDATED!

In today's video, I'm posting my new workflow and streamlined method of using Chitubox and the Photon File Validator to identity issues with islands when adding supports to your 3d models! This method works with ANY resin printer that is compatible with Chitubox! Yes.. The Photon-S and the Phrozen Sonic Mini and MORE! Links to Zane Rogers and his amazing prints are here! Photon File Validator: Photon File Validator Installation Files: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Phrozen Sonic Mini on Amazon!! 2 Liter Ultrasonic Stick-on Vinyl LCD Screen Gasket (3 Pack) Industrial Blackout Cover for 3D Resin Printer Rub-N-Buff Compound Replacement LCD Screen (Fits Mars, Photon and Epax) SprayWay Glass Cleaner Pickle Strainer Rocketbus Squeegees

How to Get Near Perfect Prints on your Resin Printer Using This Tool!

In today's video, I'm going to demonstrate a FREE program you can use that will show you information on overhang and island issues when adding supports to your 3d models to allow you to fix them so your prints will turn out perfect to near perfect! Don't forget to Like and Subscribe! I'll be announcing the winner of the Gnoll Leader by Cast N Play in my next video! Thanks to all my friends and subscribers! You guys are AWESOME! Please post any questions you might have in the comment section below and I'll do my best to answer them! Visit Mach5ive for some cool resin printing gear! Stick-on Vinyl LCD Screen Gasket (3 Pack) Industrial Blackout Cover for 3D Resin Printer Save 10% off your entire order by using the discount code 3DPRINTFARM-10 As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Elegoo Mars Printer! Great Price! Stick-on Vinyl LCD Screen Gasket (3 Pack) Industrial Blackout Cover for 3D Resin Printer Rub-N-Buff Compound Replacement LCD Screen (Fits Mars, Photon and Epax) SprayWay Glass Cleaner Pickle Strainer Rocketbus Squeegees Mars GasketCast N Play Photon File Validator: Photon File Validator Installation Files: Got a question? Send me a message

Save Time With This Resin Auto-Support Workflow (That Works Really Well)

I've tried a lot of auto supports in a lot of resin slicers...and this one takes the cake for me. Not saying it's the best - but for me, it definitely has been. Let's talk go beyond the single button to auto support and talk about the entire workflow that's saved me a lot of time. ⚠️ Back Our NEW Kickstarter: 👏 Prusa Slicer: LINKS: - 3D Printing Pro on YouTube: MODEL LINKS: - Dire Wolf & Dragon from The Lost Adventures: 🏆 Become a Patron & Get Rewards: 🔔SUBSCRIBE: GET STARTED 3D PRINTING MINIATURES & TERRAIN: ✌Currently Printing On: FDM - Creality Ender 3 ($220-240) Amazon (recommended): Aliexpress: Gearbest: - Use GENDER11 for $160 EPAX X1 Amazon (Recommended): Anycubic Photon Amazon (Recommended): Filament/Resin I Use: Dikale Gray PLA - Hatchbox White PLA - Anycubic Green Resin - ✂️Supplies I used often: Mini & Model File Set - Rustoleum 2X Flat White Primer - Cheap Brush Set - Dikale Gray PLA - Citadel Choose 5 Paints - Vallejo Game Color Set - Army Painter Quickshade Washes - ⚙️My Settings/Mini Profiles: 🛡️Join the Tabletop 3D Printing Guild on FB: 🔶 Join us on Reddit: 🎮 Join the 3D Printed Tabletop Discord: 👍 Like 3D Printed Tabletop on Facebook: 👍 Follow 3D Printed Tabletop on Instagram: 💬 Let's chat: #3dprinting #miniatures #resin
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