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CHITUBOX -The Best Slicer for your Resin 3D Printers?

Lets take a look at the Chitubox Slicer for your Resin 3D Printers - Which might be the BEST slicer out there Checkout Chitubox ➜ Checkout VFXFORGE's Videos! They are awesome! ➜ HUGE thank you to the awesome Anycubic Photon Facebook Group community - make sure to join this great group! ➜ 3DZipGuy Action Figures ➜ ________________________________________________ RESIN 3D PRINTERS I'm Using - Affiliate Links below Anycubic Photon Resin 3D Printer ➜ Peopoly Moai Resin 3D Printer ➜ Zortrax Inkspire Resin 3D Printer ➜ Printed with Zyltech PLA use ➜ 15% Discount with code: UNCLEJESSY! ________________________________________________ Interested in getting a 3D Printer? Here are some that I use ➜ Ender 3 CR-10 CR-10 S4 ________________________________________________ My PATREON ➜ Buy Me a Coffee ➜ _______________________________________________ Gear I'm Using ➜ ________________________________________________ Twitter ➜ Instagram ➜ Facebook ➜ YouTube ➜ ________________________________________________ Music by Joakim Karud Thanks for watching! SEND STUFF TO ➜ Uncle Jessy PO BOX 629 25 Goodburlet RD Henrietta, NY 14467 #3DPrinting #UncleJessy #Chitubox

Part 1: Intro to Chitubox and supporting minis like a pro, the first in a line of videos to come!

Intro to Chitubox for supporting your minis and getting perfect looking models! Many more videos will come, each increasing your knowledge up to very advanced techniques.


I show you something you absolutely need to learn if you ever hollow a model for resin printing. Seriously, don't hollow a model without watching. For real.

Insane Support Settings that actually work for Chitubox from a support master!

My settings for light medium and heavy supports, normally it would come with a warning "DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME" but not this video, because you SHOULD try this at home! BUT!!! Don't use these unless you watch my other videos to make sure you use them correctly!

Using Chitubox Part 5: Supporting the Umber Hulk (arms)

Advanced techniques on a more difficult part of the model, step by step and with nifty tricks on display. Watching this should help you on supporting almost any miniature you run across. Model from

Using Chitubox Part 2: orienting your model and why auto-supports suck

This video was cut off the first time I uploaded, here it is in full! The missing section dealt with orientation so that last 5 minutes are important! Learn why you should never use auto-supports, and why basically every video about model orientation is wrong...

Using Chitubox Part 3: Step by Step support placement on the Umberhulk

This video starts getting into more advanced techniques of support placement and works through an actual model. Touches on some of the previous instruction and expands it into new areas. Model used in the video is from

How to use Chitubox Part 4, advanced support placement on the Umber Hulk

This video dives into step by step support placement, including some more advanced placement techniques to keep your model undamaged as you go. After this one, you should be on your way to becoming a support master!

Super advanced support techniques in Chitubox: I can support my supports?!? WTF??

A quick video to show you some of the more advanced techniques that I use to get perfect 3d printed models. I use these techniques in my other videos but I figured a really quick look at them might help people. Please watch my other videos to see these techniques in action!

Best Support Settings for Resin(SLA/DLP/LCD) 3D Printing[Part 1] in CHITUBOX

Usually, it is impossible to avoid using 3D printing support structures for overhangings and bridges as it might affect the quality of your print. When selecting the suitable support settings, your print have achieved half of success. But do you know what’s the best support settings for resin 3D printing? In part 1, we'll show the support settings for raft, Z lift height and top. And in part 2, let's continue the following settings about the middle and bottom. Checkout Chitubox ➜ Find us on Facebook ➜ ________________________________________________ The model in this video is from Music by Rafael Krux Thanks for watching!

How to Hollow Models for 3D Resin Printing in Chitubox!

Do you have resin printer? Maybe a new Elegoo Mars or Anycubic Photon? Epax X1? In today's video, I'll show you hollow your larger models and save money to boot! Thanks to all my friends and subscribers! You guys are AWESOME! Please post any questions you might have in the comment section below and I'll do my best to answer them! Today's "Death Trooper" model is from the talented artist Paul Braddock from MyMiniFactory. Elegoo Mars Printer from Gearbest! Great Price! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Stick-on Vinyl LCD Screen Gasket (3 Pack) Industrial Blackout Cover for 3D Resin Printer Rub-N-Buff Compound Replacement LCD Screen (Fits Mars, Photon and Epax) SprayWay Glass Cleaner Pickle Strainer Rocketbus Squeegees Got a question? Send me a message Music provided by Argofox: DOCTOR VOX - Heat Stroke [Creative Commons]

Resin 3D Printing Workflow | STL Prep Using ChiTuBox

Love the channel? Consider supporting me on Patreon: Download ChiTuBox Here: Purchase Elegoo Mars Resin Printer Here: If you are having issues with your model breaking away from your supports check out this article for recommended beefier support settings: (´∀`)♡ Affiliate Links: Buy now on Amazon: Purchasing from the affiliate links is a great way to help to support the channel, it does not cost any extra, but a small percentage of the purchase goes to the channel! Subscribe To My 3d Printing Blog! : Lets Get Social! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Google+: Twitch:

How to position and support your 3d printed resin models in Chitubox.

In this episode, I explore the best way to position and support your resin models in the popular software Chitubox. Learn the Chitubox support settings (link below) that work! ChituBox Supports - Download Settings Below. Link to Orc Duncan Louca - Monocure 3D Ambassador - Download more of his models for FREE. TIMESTAMP 0:25 - Introduction to ChituBox 0:47 - Importing a model 1:50 - Rotating the model 2:41 - Scaling the model 4:32 - The best settings 6:53 - Using the slider to find Islands 7:58 - Adding Auto Platform only supports 8:47 - Adding Auto ALL supports 9:27 - Removing supports 10:36 - Changing views 12:12 - Don't slice your model in ChituBox 14:33 - Good Tip! Viewing from Underneath the build plate 15:21 - How did it print? Welcome to ProTips, Monocure 3D's new channel and set! Well, it's about time I know...This channel is your channel. I'm here to help, educate and hopefully entertain you a little bit along the way! My plan is to create informative content around 3d printing that we can learn from and I will try to answer all your questions. (Well most of them anyway! ) Please get involved by connecting with us on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Discord or by old school email. We love your questions, and we need your input! So don't be shy, send us a message and be part of this awesome, rapidly expanding 3D printing revolution! Our team always do their best to give you excellent service and the highest quality products. Our Chemists are busy working hard in the labs coming up with the next great product that's going to help your 3D printing results. Presented by Charlie Anderson Proudly Brought to you by Monocure3D Produced & Edited by Punch.Life Our RAPID product range is designed for low powered LED/LCD DLP type 3D printers. Rapid Resin Compatible Printers Phrozen Shuffle & XL Anycubic Photon & S Prusa SL1 Wanhao Duplicator 7 & 8 MicroMake WOW SparkMaker Pro FLSUN S XAYAV Model V Lotus EZ Kelant Orbeat100 + S400 Epax Elegoo Mars Longer Orange Any low powered LED/LCD 3D Printer Our Standard product range is designed for high powered LED projector type 3D printers. Standard Resin Compatible Printers Uniz Slash MoonRay Asiga UV-Max Phrozen Make B9 Creator Flashforge Hunter XYZ Nobel Kudo Titan Any high powered, bottom-up​, LED projector 3D Printer.

Correcting some misinformation about hollowing models and drain hole placement

This one's been bothering me for a while and I finally had the time to go myth-busters on it lol! STL: grotto walls from Clorehaven Kickstarter by Printable Scenery gunslinger: Artisan Guild Patreon Printed on Epax X1 my go to resin Epax Water Washable

ChituBox Quickstart Guide / Ch02 - Printer Profile Setup

CAVEAT: I dont work for ChiTubox, please do not Message me for hand holding support :) - Bug reports should be directed to the Forum - Download It here A - Intro / Caveats chap 1 - Download & install Chitubox // What is a ChituBox? What is Chitu? // Which Printers can use ChituBox // Tech Specs chap 2 - Printer Profile Setup chap 3 - UI / Layout tools / importing Chap 4 - Project saving / Export STL / Chitubox Forums / Bug Reports Chap 5 - AutoSupport / Manual Support / new features / tips & Tricks Chap 6 - Slicing your model for print / Example project support setup / print & resin estimates Chap 7 - conclusion / example test print. BONUS VIDEO - Print quality evaluation & Support removal demo.

How to Infill Model in Resin(SLA/DLP/LCD) 3D Printing with CHITUBOX?

In the last video, we showed how to hollow out the 3D model and add escape holes( "Infill" is added in the middle of the print so that the hollowed part is still stiff. In this video, we just generate the supports automatically. So they are not that perfect. And we'll illustrate how to optimize support settings manually in next video. Checkout Chitubox ➜ Find us on Facebook ➜ ________________________________________________ The model in this video is from Music by Kevin MacLeod Thanks for watching!

How to Hollow out Your 3D Model with CHITUBOX?

3D printing materials is volume-based: the less material, the less cost. This video will show you how to hollow out your 3D model and add escape holes with a slicer named ChiTuBox. Checkout Chitubox ➜ Find us on Facebook ➜ ________________________________________________ The model in this video is from Music by Alexander Nakarada Thanks for watching!
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