3D Printing Safety: Angus (Maker's Muse) Offers Some Great Tips...

I'm not one for always trying to re-invent the wheel, and for both new and experienced 3D printer enthusiasts sometimes it's just plain good to take a look at things to consider when using your machines. This first video covers FDM printing. Resin Printing (SLA/DLP/DUV, ect.) has other considerations and is covered in another video following it. Failure to keep safety in mind can create potentially dangerous situations.
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First and foremost, I want to stress the benefits of subscribing and following Angus (Makers Muse) on Youtube because he's active and been doing this for a very long time. he's recognized in the community the world over as an authority and some of my early learning and enthusiasm was a direct result of this fine gent's contributions to our craft.
He also has an active Patreon:
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