3DN Artillery SWX1 and Genius Cura 4.6.1 Machines and Profiles Installation Package Released!

This package installs both settings and configuration for the Artillery Sidewinder AND Genius 3D Printers.
Created for and tested with Cura 4.6.x (and will work for 4.5 as well)
Nozzle sizes included: 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, and 1.0
Cura has changed the way custom machines are created and read by the system. This is a total rewrite to allow you to use the quality settings for each printer to quickly create and alter your own profiles as you refine things on your own.
MAC USERS - There are notes at the BOTTOM. READ THEM.
***A number of people have asked me about donating***
I'm humbled by the offers, and while it's never the reason I do this work, I wont complain if you want to spot me for a cup of coffee. You can donate to my Paypal link if you wish...  Paypal
It can be downloaded from our file area HERE
Bear in mind you might have to adjust along the way, but try it stock first. Further exploration will be temperatures, retraction, and speed. I have set the defaults to a moderate speed setting of 50mms for printing, and average temperatures for the various filaments.
Instructions: (Also, a walkthrough video is below)
Backup your settings.
Copy the files to their respective folders:
While in Cura, you can then import the 3DN profiles if you wish. If you do not, you will need to change the default Cura settings for things like retraction and Z-Hop.
LINUX Uers will need to copy the folders to:  /home/user/.local/share/cura (I'm told, I dont use Linux)
MAC Users:  (Thanks Dave Read) "What really needs to happen is the user needs to open each folder from your package and copy the contents into the same folder in the Cura tree. The reason is that if you drop the folder themselves, the target folders get replaced with the ones from your package, which clobbers a bunch of things that are important to keep. If you just change your instructions tell people to copy the sub-folder CONTENTS into the same places in Cura's tree, it all works." There is ALSO a video below to check out.
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