3D Nexus Live: 04/24 - "Slicer Shootout" Cura, Simplify 3D, Prusa... PLUS DiBlue Firmware Pre-Release

3D Nexus Live: 04/24 - 10PM EST - ?
Dont forget to stop in tonight for the event. Aside from the weekly topic "Slicer Shootout" Cura, Simplify 3D, Prusa, Etc" we are also pre-releasing the "DiBlue" GUI option for the Artillery Marlin Advanced 1.19 Firmwares for both the Artillery Sidewinder X1 and the Genius printers. As usual following the topics as they wind down, we go into after hours mode and do the normal Q&A, shenanigans and hit-and-runs.
Weekly Topic: "Slicer Shootout" Cura, Simplify 3D, Prusa, Etc..."
3 slicers
We are going to drag them all through the mud and polish them until they shine, where they shine. Dispel some myths, and highlight some of the differences between them. It's not the slicer, it's you- most of the time. New users dont have to rack their heads over the abundance of information out there, and seasoned users can always benefit from trying, and learning something new.
Pre-release of ""DiBlue" GUI option for the Artillery Marlin Advanced 1.19 Firmwares" Event
Introducing a clean, "Techy Glow" GUI option for our Marlin Advanced Firmware for both the Artillery Sidewinder X1 and Genius models, inspired by my audio control panels in the dark, and a pretty radical suggestion from my son.
Diblue GUI
You gotta watch the stream/live show and follow the channel to get the password for the prerelease using the free Nexus Coins distributed on the channel during the broadcast or just wait until its released on 05/01/2020. When the gate is opened you just go to the "Stream Store", and use your accumulated Nexus Coins to unlock the version for your printer. "Nexus Coins" are a free "currency" channel watchers on Twitch get just for watching, following, subscribing, and participating on the channel. Fun stuff. In the future they can be used for other things like giveaways, tickets, promo codes, and more.
Join up on Twitch early if you havent done so. While we also broadcast to YouTube, you are missing out on alot of features we cant provide there.
NOTE: Posting the files or sharing the password before this event is finished is PIRACY. You will be banned from our services and more than likely the social media groups as well for doing so. This is meant to be fun and a perk for supporting users.
Hope to see you all there, and as always, enjoy...
fen talon 01
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Artillery Sidewinder & Genius GUI - "DiBlue" Sneak...

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