3DN Weekly Live 05/08 10 PM EST - "Do You Really NEED To Modify Your 3D Printer?, Cura 4.6, And Skittles GUI Release"

Going to be rolling tonight folks! Come join in! 10PM EST - ? Plus "After Hours" which doesnt have a last call limit.
Weekly Topic: "Cura 4.6 & Do You REALLY need to modify your 3D Printer?"
Skittles is coming! Touching lightly on the recent Cura 4.6 release, and banging on the question always asked by new people "Should I upgrade or modify my printer? Will it give me better prints?" Ive been working on a deep look and expanded information presentation soon to be released covering this very subject. It's big, and definitely shooting from the hip.  Hopefully everyone can walk away with some new knowledge, and back to printing...
Skittles GUI Release
He's a cat. A pretty big, laid back and no frills kinda cat that lived in Hawaii. Every response to your questions always had the same tone. "Sure, ok." He was just there and did his thing. You always knew what to expect from him and he never failed to deliver in his own simplistic way.
skittles 01
Which, is where the inspiration for this GUI came from. Simple, laid back and easy to read. Colorful personality if you read between the lines. It's my take on the default "Metro" style with a bit more 3D weight to it. A bit more color, and of course the features everyone eventually wishes the factory firmware had (You need the Marlin Advanced 1.19 for that of course) but like the original style.
Eventually, all of the GUI's we are producing will be retrofitted to the factory default. First things first though. Going to update y'all on that.
After Hours Show: "This could go anywhere..."
Enjoy folks...
fen talon 01
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