Artillery Genius Prusa Slicer Workspace Model and Bed Mat

Want to add the Genius to your Prusa Slicer workspace? It's pretty easy. No video required.
Download the Artillery Genius Model from our resource area HERE
Adding it to Prusa Slicer is easy- (screenshots below) There are both the model and optional buildplate grid files, just import them in the model and texture sections.
Make sure you are in "Expert Mode" otherwise the selection wont be available. Some images are from the SX1 screens, the installation is the same, FYI.
Artillery Genius Prusa Model2
Artillery Genius Prusa Model1
Artillery Prusa Model Expert
Artillery SidewinderX1 Custom Prusa Model 0000 Layer 5
Enjoy Folks...
fen talon 01
Artillery Sidewinder X1 And Genius: Prusa Slicer S...
Artillery Genius Simplify 3D Model

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