Artillery Genius Simplify 3D Model

Want to add the Artillery Genius to your Simplify 3D workspace? It's pretty easy. No video required.
Download the Artillery Genius Model from our resource area HERE
In Simplfy 3D go to (in the menu) TOOLS > OPTIONS > MACHINE TAB and near the bottom of the window under "Printer Models" use the "Add" button and select the STL from where you previously saved it.
You can also change its color (I prefer darker as shown in the image) at will.
Artillery Genius S3D Model2
S3D ArtilleryX1 2
Next, a little work needs to be done. As quoted from S3D themselves:
Once you have your own STL file for the printer bed, you can go to Tools > Options, Machine tab, and then add the printer model at the bottom.
Note that if you're using a profile that overrides your machine settings, then you will need to go to File > Export FFF Profile to save your profile to your hard drive, open it in a text editor, and edit the following 2 lines:
Then just save the file and go to File > Import FFF Profile to load it back into the software.
Make sure you use the absolute filepath in that XML tag. It's also probably a good idea to make sure the path doesn't contain spaces.
You can also omit the file path altogether (using only the STL filename) if you put it in the same folder as the savedstate.factory and temp.gcode
OSX: ~/Library/Application Support/Simplify3D/S3D-Software
Windows: %APPDATA%\Local\Simplify3D\S3D-Software
 Enjoy Folks...
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