Artillery Sidewinder & Genius GUI - "DiBlue" Sneak Peek and Pre-Release Info...

"DiBlue" GUI Option for the Marlin Advanced 1.1.9 Firmware is finished...
Diblue GUI
Introducing a clean, "Techy Glow" GUI option for our Marlin Advanced Firmware for both the Artillery Sidewinder X1 and Genius models.
Inspired by my audio control panels in the dark, and a pretty radical suggestion from my son.
It's being released on 05/01/2020, but...
It's being pre-released this coming weekend during our 3D-Nexus Live stream on 04/24 10PM EST to our followers on Twitch, so stop in and get it- otherwise ya gotta wait.  You also get a sneak peak of another GUI Codenamed "Skittles". Whats not to love?
In case you haven't noticed, 3D Nexus has been doing weekly Live Streams including (Sometimes, ramping up towards a set schedule) a daily Help/Q&A/Hanging Out series as a way for users to get more out of their 3D printing experience, with a Discord channel set up to show off user prints, your help images, and more.
We are streaming on both Twitch and YouTube,  but the rocking choice for the experience, including giveaways, pre-releases and some pretty radical shenanigans going on is Twitch- its just superior to YouTube and while the replays will always be posted after to both platforms, the Nexus Coin heaps (a virtual currency Twitch uses and is free to accumulate for following, watching and playing along with our games) are exclusive to Twitch followers. Come check it out, bring your questions, your prints, and hang for awhile. You'll be glad you did.
Thanks for stopping in folks...
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3D Nexus Live: 04/24 - "Slicer Shootout" Cura, Sim...
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