Artillery Sidewinder X1 And Genius: Prusa Slicer Settings Bundle UPDATED

NOTICE: The original I released a week ago has been found to be incompatible with the actual release of Prusa Slicer 2.2.0. I apologize for this, but a few things changed I was not aware of, namely differences now with how files are saved and retrieved in the configuration bundle process of importing and exporting. The benefit I guess is both machines are in one package now. Add the fact that I never thought to install on a completely fresh machine that had never had Prusa Slicer installed on it, since I have been working with it since the early MK2 days on my test machines.  
Heres a pretty easy and straightforward configuration bundle to import into Prusa Slicer.
These are well dialed in basic settings and a good starting point. Prusa Slicer is one of the easiest to adjust to your needs and filament/types. This is a "detail" settings package, and should work very well for a myriad of model types, with no emphasis on speeds- that is up to you. We have run them with simple adjustments to base print speeds up to 80mms with good results. 
Just some quick notes:
The package now includes configurations for both the Sidewinder X1 AND the Genius Models
Stock 0.40 Nozzle and Generic PLA Settings.
Commonly used layer heights included, 0.20, 0.16, and 0.12.
The bundle package can be found HERE
It doesnt get much easier than this, just open Prusa Slicer, go to FILE> IMPORT > IMPORT CONFIG BUNDLE and select the 3DN configuration file for the Artillery Bundle in the archive.
3dn prusa bundlex1
If you wish to get the spiffy Sidewinder X1 Model for the workspace, its also in our file area HERE.
The Genius Model can be found HERE.
Enjoy Folks!
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