Artillery Sidewinder X1 Cura 4.2.1 Machine Settings & Profile Released...

Artillery Sidewinder X1 Cura Base MACHINE Profile
This is the full machine settings profile.
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Created for and tested with Cura 4.2.1
UPDATE: Nozzle sizes included:0.4, 0.6, 0.8, and 1.0...
It can be downloaded from our file area HERE
Bear in mind you might have to adjust along the way, but try it stock first. Further exploration will be temperatures, retraction, and speed. Even though the default retraction is set high, its for a reason- pushing plastic at high speeds as the default 70 or higher needs it. I settle in most of the time at or around 50mms and retraction down to somewhere around 2-3. I use the same (roughly) 3 brands of filament and they all average right at 205 extruder temperature and 60 bed.
Backup your settings.
Copy the files to their respective folders, and import the profile base.
Also includes the base profile, which is:
Set for 0.16 Layer Height
Tested with Cura 4.21
The base profile can also be downloaded individually from the file area.
Heres a quick help video for those that need it...
fen talon 01
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