Artillery Sidewinder X1 & Genius 5015 Cooling Fan Upgrade Mod

Giving one of these away on our Live Show 05/01
It includes all the hardware, the fan, and the printed shroud.
The shroud itself can be found HERE
If you want to get a chance to win it on tonight's show, join up on Twitch, follow our channel and when the giveaway is started you can buy tickets using the "Nexus Coins" you accumulate just for watching, liking, following, and subscribing our channel shows.
Everyone gets 1 free ticket but you can buy more during the show to increase your chances (with a maximum of 20 to keep it fair for everyone) Drawing will happen part way through the show to give everyone a chance to join in. Good luck!  
We dont sell them, the shroud is printable and you can buy all the rest if you peek at our recomended parts page HERE.
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