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3D Nexus: We're Back!

It's been a little bit of a break since I parted ways with the Artillery 3D company, And I'm not going to spend any time going back over the events that led up to that departure.

3D Nexus in vision, was my desire to create an environment that reflected my interests and my desire to share my experiences on what I call, artistic  exploration.

I've been on what one can consider a social media and community hiatus, but most definitely have not stopped working on, revisiting old, and creating new adventures. I still remain near cutting edge in research with regards to 3D printing, as well as frequently and still, updating my skills in 3D modeling as it relates to physical real world application, as well as now, gaming.

It's been a crazy ride.

This updated incarnation of 3D Nexus after taking the site down for a while reflects some of the new directions I'm taking and is going to allow me to focus exclusively on some new and exciting technologies. Make no mistake, I'm not leaving 3D printing in a dark corner, it's just not necessary for me to maintain as much of a focus as I did before on it. I'm a professional in that respect, take that how you will, I'm just not going to devote as much time to the community aspect on that front because I don't personally feel the need.

Another set of technologies that I'm finally comfortable with being up to my standards, my needs, and my desires for growth is the realm of laser etching, cutting and design. I've quietly sat off to the side for a number of years and just paid close enough attention to the current state of software and engineering and well, for me anyways, it's time. It's no secret I work in multiple areas of art materials and processes, the bigger one first and foremost has always been foundry casting and modeling. Add a lifelong devotion to things like leather work, woodwork, metalsmithing and sculpture, it's left me with a pretty broad range of possibilities that to this day, excites me beyond measure.

3DN Acmer P2 Center Finder Jig
ACMER P2 Laser Engraver