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Contributors come in many different types! 3D Nexus is a community, and from time to time you want to do more than just interact on our feeds or in the many groups available.
To the right is a growing menu of ways you can contribute, so let's explain a few of the positions here and what they mean.
Educators and Writers:
Want to write a piece about your project, or have some really cool news to share? Are you interested in sharing your knowledge on a semi or regular basis for everyone to enjoy? 
Group Moderation or Group Owner:
Anyone can create a group on 3D Nexus! It's as simple as going to the group menu and creating it! Please note however, we reserve the right to remove or moderate ANY content created by our users if it goes against community standards. Some of our existing groups already have Moderators set by their owners, but from time to time you might see they need help. Don't be afraid to ask them.
Partners and Manufacturers: 
We regularly work with a broad range of people in the various fields related to what 3D Nexus focuses on. Partners are enthusiastic 3rd Party businesses who are actively contributing and promoting here within their respective fields, and more. They work with us to provide a steady and ever changing flow of information and product to the community. By doing so they benefit by having open communication and feedback to better help them do what they do! We cover multiple Manufacturers and we do our best to give them tools and "workspace" on the 3D Nexus to promote and improve. Our review labs are always busy, and those Manufacturers wishing to participate are encouraged to contact us via the provided forms. 

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