3DN Factory GUI Options (Like Our Advanced Firmwares!) And A Lil' Teaser...

Great news for those using the factory default firmwares - you can now drop in a spiffy new GUI that matches the style of our released Advanced Marlin Firmwares! It's as easy as dropping the files on a SD card, and booting up your printer. It will update automatically. (Video at bottom) Take a Peek!
You can find the files in our Resource Section HERE
3DN Factory GUI Update 1
Factory GUI Update Skittles
But wait? What's this?
Requests on previous shows brought about a few color options - variants to "DiBlue" for those that like to trick their printers out with various color vanity mods.
They are all almost finished (300 buttons X 4 firmware flavors y'all, gimme a break, I'm one guy!) I want to point out for my tastes, Im going to pimp out a machine in each color and swag them with accenting LED's. The DiBlue looks sweet in the dark, and these others are just as jet. We will talk more about these tonight on the live show too.  
3DN Factory GUI Update 3 
***A number of people have asked me about donating***
I'm humbled by the offers, and while it's never the reason I do this work, I wont complain if you want to spot me for a cup of coffee. You can donate to my Paypal like if you wish...  Paypal
Enjoy Folks...
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