Designed, sourced, machined and manufactured by us here in the USA. Each bed is individually crafted and inspected to insure quality and precision.

Meant to replace the stock bed and allow you to choose your favorite build surface like PEI, or similar. The Pro version allows you to use flexible steel buildplates from most manufacturers more confidently using better high temperature range magnetics and configuration design.

Follow this news and it's associated community forum to receive updates on it's availability and get in on the additional development projects for it.


● Sized appropriately for your printer's bed size with built in cable strain relief system.
● Milled, smooth edge finishes and our unique surface treatment for adhesion properties and quality look- no sharp corners and "cut and chuck" plates here like import beds.
● Easy Installation, uses the existing bed heater, OEM replacement heater, or most 3rd party replacement heaters if they have the right mount holes and cable routing. Design has provision for adding your own grounding for added safety.
Relief mount design allows for you to use your own cable chain, and we will provide over time a community driven resource for user submitted printable mods. Specs will be included in final design and posted in the resource sections.
● Includes mounting hardware for assembly, to use OEM knobs and springs, or use your own that accept M5 threads. NO more heat disrupting, unreliable pancake screw and glue mounting systems.

Included In Package:

1 x Standard or Pro 3DN Buildplate (depending on your choice at checkout)
Mounting Hardware
Strain Relief Cover and it's mounting hardware.
2 x Shrink tube for strain relief ends.

Have a custom idea? Join the development forum and kick back with us. We are looking at side mount and cable chain variations.