3DN Artillery Hornet Vanity Covers

I initially showed these off back over the late winter 2020, and planned on finishing the few other parts and letting the community have them. Well, without using a "delay delay delay" line of BS I'll just put it out there they were initially planned for actual implementing into the design, then life happened. The project's finishers got put on the back burner and I finally have a light at the end of a tunnel.

3DN_AT_Hornet_Covers (1).jpg
3DN_AT_Hornet_Covers (3).jpg
3DN_AT_Hornet_Covers (1).jpg

Anyways, I recently went back to the project and lo and behold, I couldn't find the last few part prototypes (Undercarriage toolbox, Y Stop and Z Stop cover finals.) I have them. Somewhere. (laughs) If rooting through 24TB of 3D models made unorganized by a few HD swaps and upgrades interests you, great. It's a chore for me and Im eventually going to do one of two things- just remake them (probably faster) or find them and add them to a "part 2" of the archive.

Alot of people have asked for them so lets get started. All the pictured covers are included, plus the Y and Z Stop prefinals which "should" be ok, if anything the Y Stop may need some tweaking because the design itself was changed just before production.

The files are in our resource section HERE

Printing Notes: I used our 3DN Simplify 3D profiles @ 0.16 using the dead on match for the Hornet's color, Kodak PLA. It can be found HERE


For now I am only hosting these on 3D Nexus, and releasing them under the following convention:

Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International


Enjoy Folks...