Awhile back, Printable Scenery announced a new system that brings model and terrain design and management into an interface allowing you to basically, play the "WYSIWYG" game using their models and now, as the system has progressed and completed additional features have been added that ramp it up to 11. Notably, importing and exporting your own models into the system and design sharing.

Terrain Tinker (Main and they have LIMITED late pledges so get in while you can)
Printable Scenery

All of the below stretch goals were hit, so in a condensed form, these were added along the way:
  • Unlocking all of the Printable Scenery's OpenLOCK tiles! CLORHAVEN, CASTLE, DUNGEON, GROTTO, and CATHEDRAL
  • Scatter placement - the ability to place scatter terrain anywhere in the builder.
  • Import your own STL files into the builder.
  • Object collision detection.
  • Top-down isometric renders, for printing on paper.
  • A sharing platform to share your designs with others who have the same collections.
  • OpenLOCK Clips on the digital face for creating connectable larger building parts.
  • 3D full color output for games like Tabletop Simulator.
  • Click and drag dynamic roof tool to easily design custom roofs.
  • Automatic OpenLOCK port alignment - pick any style of object and we will handle getting the right OpenLOCK ports layout.
  • Fully combined single shell model export
  • 2D room tool for quickly designing rooms and letting Terrain Tinker do the calculations of which OpenLOCK tiles to use.
  • Dynamic floor level / roof heights.
  • Store a list of what OpenLOCK parts you have already printed so you print only the extra parts you need.
  • Auto saving and version history.
  • 2D map import for building plans.
  • More environments.

Ok, after all that- you can always head over to the kickstarter to go slower or look more closely at the system, then if you followed along let's get to what has me excited...

Importing and Exporting:

At first thought you might yawn a little bit until it hits you. I, as a avid supporter of PS practically since they started, have collected just about everything they have produced over time. Ok. My model libraries however, adding the scope of all the various one-offs and collections from other artists/companies that gets into the thousands and terabytes of models. Being a designer myself, and often enough never quite satisfied with everything I find it common to say "Man, if this house only had wood floors, or this shop would look cool if I added the furniture or wall decorations from "X" collection into this..." The combinations you can come up with are endless when you know you got the skillz. (laughs)

And I have, alot. Anybody who knows about modeling digitally can convey its not always as easy as it sounds, there are things to consider and it often requires a number of multi step operations that make it a pain in the ass feeding the nuclear reactor driven rigs we have to set up for professional modeling. This happy system changes alot of that and makes it much, much easier and accessible.

Sharing Designs:

I'm not going to load this article up with a ton of images where a video will do. We are expanding the site here progressively now since I just finished the migration and changing over to this new format. It's going to make the group ecosystem here much more enjoyable for me as a creator and administrator, and, hopefully you folks too. For decades now tabletop gamers have formed groups and at least in my traveled circles there are some that have lasted since the "early days" of PnP DnD. (Pen and Paper Dungeons and Dragons) The common benefit always was pooling resources and skills so the group could benefit for the experience of it all. I've always been a artist/craftsman of some kind and enjoyed painting, modeling and DM'ing. There's never enough time to do it all and friends of mine with similar and different skillsets coming together made for some hellacious game nights. (and whole weekends) We traded among ourselves time for time and even the models became like a trading card game when it came to limited editions. Going to conventions to snag exclusives. Sigh...

Bring us to the current century... The idea of design/model sharing isn't new or groundbreaking, but the ability to do so now with a common system is, especially when you can catalog your collections. You and your friends can collectively sit at a screen and come up with designs, and make them. The world and lets say "dungeon map" for the sake of nostalgia creation process just got alot more fun AND easier.

I've wanted to gather the troops for quite sometime and get back to the collective world building game for quite some time now. My involvement with modeling, 3D printing, and how it all relates to the work I do still has a self serving nature to it- I get to be creative and play with big boy toys we just didn't have or that didn't exist years ago. Alot of the community work I do does have a agenda; me having fun. So that's also why I put alot of effort into creating an environment like the community system we have here so I can see what others are doing and as always, maybe see ideas come to life I haven't thought of yet.

I'm expanding the forums here and don't be afraid to make suggestions or ask for new features. If I can, I will. You can already hop in the other sub forums and start knocking your heads together and by all means, show off the cool shit YOU are up to. We all like to see it and learn along the way. Check out the kickstarter while you can and join in, head over to Printable Scenery and dive in there too. Once we resume our live shows you can expect me to do a regular session on this and more too. I'm excited, and hope you will be too.