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Excellent site, love it for tinkering with my sidewinder x1 :)
Have some coffee
I like your text:
[B]We do NOT use any proceeds for personal gain or to buy things for ourselves.[/B] I wouldn't be putting the effort into this if I felt I had to charge for it. Community means something here and I appreciate the help and support from everyone.

Best Regards.
Thank you for your effort in making this firmware available.
Thanks for putting in all of this hard work and making it available to those of us that have no idea how to do it! If you need a custom turbo kit for your ride, hit me up!! lol
we are a small team of gamers working on small joystick manufacturing projects.
We have 2 XL1 which runs a lot to print our parts.
Our machines are working fine, but a little update would be appreciated.
While searching the web for a good firmware, 3DNEXUS often appeared with a lot of compliments.
While waiting for an administrator to finish this night (yes I have scoured your site a bit), here is what to pay for the croissants (yes we are French).

Good luck for the future and congratulations for the work already accomplished.

nous sommes une petite équipe de joueurs travaillant sur de petits projets de fabrication de joysticks.
Nous avons 2 XL1 qui fonctionnent beaucoup pour imprimer nos pièces.
Nos machines fonctionnent bien, mais une petite mise à jour serait appréciée.
Lors de la recherche sur le Web d'un bon firmware, 3DNEXUS est souvent apparu avec beaucoup de compliments.
En attendant qu'un administrateur termine cette nuit (oui j'ai un peu fouillé votre site), voici de quoi payer les croissants (oui nous sommes français).

Bonne chance pour l'avenir et félicitations pour le travail déjà accompli.
Your effort on the firmware is appreciated!

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