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Megs is the definition of detail. You can easily get lost in browsing the work this man has done. Resident in the Philippines, and probably one of the nicest guys to chat with. Each month or so is like a Christmas lightshow you have never seen before. Marvel, DC, Fantasy, name it. Printing and painting some of thes emodels will challenge anyone to do the sculptures justice... Its rare I get humbled just from looking at model work, and his puts me there easily.

"Some things are better seen than heard. With Megs Empinado, a 3D artist with an impressive portfolio wrought by years of long industry experience, this is not far from the truth.

Mr. Empinado’s artistry through Zbrush is indicative of his attention to the detals of human anatomy. He has a good sense of character design that allows him not only liberty over his creations but a certain originality that he brands over well-known characters of Pop Culture."

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