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  • Thursday September 12

    Artillery Sidewinder X1 Mods:…

    Early on when Artillery released the Sidewinder X1, Like a number of other users I had one of the machines in our studios display the behavior we all know now as "ribbon cable" related- Extruder clicking, erratic X-carriage movement, and even the LCD showing a -15 temperature reading. The reason…

  • Saturday March 23

    Casting and Mold Making...

      Casting:    Its' a  manufacturing  process in which a liquid material is usually poured into a  mold , which contains a hollow cavity of the desired shape, and then allowed to solidify. The solidified part is also known as a  casting , which is ejected or broken out of…

  • Wednesday May 08

    MakerPI Shenzhen

    Shenzhen Soongon Technology Co.,Ltd was established in 2012. In sustainable development, we have accumulated rich experience in hardware communication research and believe that 3d printing technology can change life. Our professional R&D team can supply the client with innovation technology and professional hardware solutions. Soongon is a National high-tech enterprise,…

  • Thursday February 14

    The Basics: Bed Leveling

    For those using 4 points screw/spring tensioning on thier printers, this can offer some insight.   Manual 3D printer bed leveling, with Z height adjustment for that perfect nozzle gap, can be a frustrating experience even for seasoned makers. But as soon as you understand the basics of the process,…

  • Friday March 22

    Formbot 3D Printers

          Raptor 2.0, Industrial Grade Large 3D Print er Top Features: 400x400x500mm Build Size Filament Sensor High-temp. PTFE Tube Auto Bed Leveling with BLTouch Compatible with Flexible Filament High Quality PEI Sheet KEENOVO AC Heater Pad with SSR TMC2208 Stepper Drivers Industrial Linear Guide Rails TBI Ball Screw…

  • Thursday March 21

    Artillery 3D Printers


      Check out their Sidewinder X1, the next generation of 3D printers!              

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