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  • Wednesday March 27

    Reviews: Artillery Sidewinder X1

    Artillery Sidewinder X1 - Not Yet Rated        Review Pending... For now you can read a recent article we did on the printer, add a review   or see current reviews by others in our video libraries .  

  • Thursday March 21

    Artillery 3D Printers


      Check out their Sidewinder X1, the next generation of 3D printers!              

  • Sunday March 31

    Manufacturer Models: Creality

      Not all models or variations might be shown here. We try to keep this updated as often as possible but always check the groups and manufacturer sites for updates as well!                    ~3D Nexus   Creality Ender 3 Printers Creality 1…

  • Sunday April 21

    Artillery Sidewinder X1 -…

    Artillery's Sidewinder X1 is new to the market, but already it's demonstrating that a company can and does listen to what we in the 3D printing community need and want. Internally they arent new, employing people from other places, and it shows. We all learn from mistakes. We all strive…

  • Thursday February 14

    The Basics: Bed Leveling

    For those using 4 points screw/spring tensioning on thier printers, this can offer some insight.   Manual 3D printer bed leveling, with Z height adjustment for that perfect nozzle gap, can be a frustrating experience even for seasoned makers. But as soon as you understand the basics of the process,…

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