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  • Wednesday August 07

    Artillery Sidewinder X1 Simplify…

    Artillery Sidewinder X1 Simplify 3D Profile: Codename "Sweetness"     This is the default profile we use at the studios here. Its been flawless, and easy to modify for various layers if you wish, as the settings work well across 0.20, 0.16(default), and 0.12. Just import it into S3D. File>Import…

  • Thursday March 21

    Artillery 3D Printers


      Check out their Sidewinder X1, the next generation of 3D printers!              

  • Sunday April 28

    Tevo 3D Printers

             TEVO 3D Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. is a China-based 3D Printer manufacturer that was established in 2015, it includes a team of design, R&D, production and sales who have the same mission to offer the best affordable 3D Printer and provide one-stop 3D Printing solution to our…

  • Wednesday April 24

    Artillery Announces A Smaller…

    If the release of Artillery's Sidewinder X1 is any measure, the announcement (teaser really!) of a smaller format version should have people ready to pounce on this one.   Tracy Wang gave us some shots of the little beastie this morning. All thats been said so far is "220x220x250" and…

  • Wednesday March 27

    Reviews: Artillery Sidewinder X1

    Artillery Sidewinder X1 - Not Yet Rated        Review Pending... For now you can read a recent article we did on the printer, add a review   or see current reviews by others in our video libraries .  

  • Saturday March 23

    Casting and Mold Making...

      Casting:    Its' a  manufacturing  process in which a liquid material is usually poured into a  mold , which contains a hollow cavity of the desired shape, and then allowed to solidify. The solidified part is also known as a  casting , which is ejected or broken out of…

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