Artillery Announces A Smaller Model... Look out Prusa, Look Out Ender...

If the release of Artillery's Sidewinder X1 is any measure, the announcement (teaser really!) of a smaller format version should have people ready to pounce on this one.
Tracy Wang gave us some shots of the little beastie this morning. All thats been said so far is "220x220x250" and looking at the photos it appears all of the rock-god goodness for design we saw with the Sidewinder X1 is just being packaged smaller. This size and possible price point should probably have the other similar printers in that range a bit worried, especially if the ease of assembly and out of the box experience is the same as it's larger sibling.
Take a look at these:
Artillery Baby Sidewinder 3
Artillery Baby Sidewinder 1
Artillery Baby Sidewinder 4
Artillery Baby Sidewinder 4
As soon as we have more updated information, you bet we will be on it.
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