XMD: Michael Dunnam Has Some GREAT NEWS! (And An AWESOME DEAL!)

XMD, the enhancement suite for ZBrush is moving so far forward Thanos couldn't even snap this away. 

Some Background:

XMD is the brainchild of 3D Environment & VFX Artist, Michael Dunnam. The CG Industry is growing at a substantially fast pace and Zbrush is at the forefront of the movement. Pixologic’s customers are growing at a tremendous rate, the annual Zbrush Summit has people traveling from all around the world to the event and viewers Live Streaming from around the globe. 

Michael Dunnam has been an active member in the Zbrush community listening to what the artist wanted and needed. Having used ZBrush since 2005, Michael began to experiment with creating custom brushes in 2012. Being one of the first to create and give away custom brushes, Michael needed a way to stand out. Since ZBrush uses the first letter of the brush name as a hotkey, X seemed like a logical choice. And who doesn’t love a good X? Behold! XMD was at that moment, born! (MD being his initials of course).It was not long after, over 100,000 downloads of his brush sets in the first few months, that Michael saw the great business potential.

With Zbrush’s fast pace growth in an attempt to meet the demands of their customers and technology, issues arose that the developers could not keep up with. One main problem area with ZBrush is the start up speed with artist’s large collection of brushes, alphas and tools. Another notable problem is the organization of the software. There is just no way to keep all your files streamlined, organized, easy to locate for artist inside Zbrush. Michael changed that!

Just the toolbox alone is a titan, but the membership cranks it into overdrive.

ToolBox AD GR

But wait! Theres also XMD Academy! Want to learn from the industry leaders through interactive courses? Read more about it: XMD Academy

And heres the announcement from Michael:

Hey there! Michael here. 

XMD Source is about to go through some massive changes. XMD Academy is getting a massive overhaul, which is going to be amazing. Classes will be open soon! Photogrammetry is going to be a huge part of XMD. I am reactivating my blog. There are going to be a lot more subscription only brush sets. I will also be adding several collaboration sets with other artists coming soon!

With all of these fantastic additions. What is stopping you? Join XMD now. And if you join now, right now, I will give you 50% off of your membership. That is a crazy steal. For just $27, you can get an insane amount of content that just keeps growing. This is a LifeTime membership. 

Here is what you get with your membership:

  • Everything I release on Gumroad.
  • Over 1350 Brushes for ZBrush!
  • Over 750 Alphas!
  • Textures
  • Soon to be something new added!
  • Access to the private XMD Facebook Group
  • Access to
  • The XMD ToolBox plugin for ZBrush!
  • And more!

Come on in. You won't regret it!

Much Love, Michael

Join Up Now!

Enjoy folks...

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