Letterhead TitanForge 4
Titan Forge has been around for awhile. Their selection is outright mind blowing. I'm going to quote their "About" from their website-
"We are the Titans and we want to shake the ground beneath your feet...
Hey! Titan-forge is a Polish based sculpting/casting/inspired-and-head-blown company.  
Starting right now, on August 2011, we aim for only one goal - to deliver the finest quality resin cast miniatures and upgrade packs for wargamers, painters, collectors...
all hobbyists around the realm! At the moment we are focused on building our product base, balancing our website and...starting the forges!"
Now here it is, 2020 and man have they put out. One of my favorite collections I look forward to on Patreon every month.
The gallery below is a small portion of the work they do. My fav's are the dwarfs. Its a old D&D thing that drug me to Warhammer back in the 80's.
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