Top Picks: 3D Printing Filament

3D Printing Filament. It can make your experience enjoyable or give you headaches.
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It's not uncommon for people to shop for the "best deal" but as with anything else, there are limits to what you can expect when shopping around. That said, you also have to take into consideration that with experience, you'll also find "the higher the price the better the quality" isnt always true.
This section will be updated regularly and often cycle through some of the current "Top Picks", because especially with filament producers, things change.
Some basic colors we use here are listed, and following them and clicking on their company link will bring you to listings of all of the available colors and other types they offer.
We also (for now) arent going to cover all of the types- just the basics to get you started and maybe a few of the "exotics" like wood, carbon fiber, glow in the dark, ect. because we have experience with them too.
I'm also going to touch on "Rebrands" in some detail.
Keeping It DRY
Storage of filament done correctly will insure you wont encounter some of the problems with extrusion, adhesion, and performance. There are premade "dryer" solutions, but they usually dont hold many and we tend to keep dozens of rolls on hand. For the average user, a single (or two) sealable clear totes and a reusable dehumidifier unit like "Eva-Dri" does the trick efficiently, and saves cost. You can store about a dozen rolls in the larger totes and 1 unit does the job.
Eva-Dri Reusable De-humidifier Unit
We monitor the humidity (average around 16 percent once you are set up) in each of the totes. Having one in your workspace can also benefit you because you can see when its a good time to keep your filament rotating into the dry environments. (We never leave filament out for more than a day)
Digital Thermometer/Humidity Display
Filament - PLA
PLA (Polylactic Acid) is one of the most commonly used desktop 3D printing filaments. It is the "default" recommended material for many desktop 3D printers, and with good reason - PLA is useful in a broad range of printing applications, has the virtue of being both odorless and low-warp, and does not require a heated bed. PLA filament is also one of the more eco-friendly 3D printer materials available; it is made from annually renewable resources (corn-starch) and requires less energy to process compared to traditional (petroleum-based) plastics. Outside of 3D printing, PLA plastic is often used in food containers, such as candy wrappers, and biodegradable medical implants, such as sutures. PLA filament for 3D Printing is available in a wide range of colors and variants now (PLA, PLA+, etc.)
ESun: One of the reliables, and been around for years...
MATTE Filaments. The New Rage
Hatchbox: Another established brand.
Eryone: A newer kid on the block and been good quality.
3D Soultech: Budget with good quality.
Filament - PETG
You'll be hard pressed to find true PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) filament, as most PET filaments are actually copolymers - PET with an extra molecule. The most common, PETG filament, is an industrial strength filament with several great features. Figuratively speaking, it combines the ease of use of PLA filament with the strength and durability of ABS filament. First, its strength is much higher than PLA and it is FDA approved for food containers and tools used for food consumption. Unlike ABS filament, it barely warps, and produces no odors or fumes when printed. PET filament is not biodegradable, but it is 100% reclaimable. It's known for its clarity and is also very good at bridging.
Overture: PETG
Sunlu PETG
Wood Filament - PLA 
Glow In The Dark - PLA
MG Chemicals has one of the brightest and longest lasting ones Ive used.
Last Updated 02/2021
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